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Weddings and Civil Ceremonies

With over 23 years as a professional Wedding photographer, and my experience of shooting weddings all over Norfolk, I work hard to capture and document your special day with a calm, relaxed & unobtrusive mix of traditional and reportage style photography with organized grouping of family & friends.

To give you a beautiful & creative set of images to last a lifetime.

When many couples are arranging their Wedding it may be the first time they have met a photographer and may be nervous of a 'stranger' shooting their special day so to ease their minds, after booking the wedding, I offer to take the couple on a pre-Wedding shoot locally, for them to see how I work and for all involved to get to know each other, relax and to see how much fun it can be.

This service is free to the couple and the pictures can be purchased if required.

My Wedding photography follows the basic principles of lighting and artistic interpretation and the photographer always has to be ready in anticipation to spot & capture that 'moment in time'. It will very much depend on circumstances, what presents itself & what the photographer actually sees and captures on the day.

When I am with the couple or with a group of people, working towards creating a photograph, I will be placing them in the best light and location available & using my artistic ability to create an image that although staged, should look natural & relaxed.

I can also create moments & entice people into natural positions and although these are again contrived they still can look natural just as if they happened by chance. It goes almost without saying that certain things, like the confetti throwing & cake cutting will still be choreographed and directed by the photographer to create the best image possible. Although the actual ceremony is guided by the Registrar, vicar or priest, I try to capture those tender moments of the service

To Book your Wedding photography:

After a one to one meeting and viewing the albums/options available , all you have to do is choose the picture package that suits you best and the type, colour and size of album or CD/DVD option that fits your requirements and add the the two prices together to create your perfect Wedding package
It's that easy! I am happy to mix & match any option you require.

With prices starting from as little as £450.00 the choice is yours.

A short time after the wedding your pictures will be available to view on my website for your family & friends to view, and, if they desire, buy photographic & canvas prints online if required.

All couples will receive a set of laminated contact sheets to show among family & friends and for them to choose the final pictures for their album to save the final prints being marked with other people's 'sticky fingers'.

A few sample weddings and portrait pictures can be viewed in the "Gallery" button or past weddings in the clients pictures section, or contact me and I will be happy to meet with you to discuss your happy day and show you finished full size albums.